“I am not suggesting you become someone you are not, I am suggesting you become the best of who you are.”
-Dr. Phillip McGraw

Perspectives Services Information

Services offered by Perspectives are professional and based on particular areas of competency of the practitioner (The term practitioner is used to cover the roles of supervisor, counsellor and therapist).

perspectives entranceThe areas of interest can be a particular client group (men, women, adults, older people) and the particular issues clients bring to counselling. Practitioners are encouraged to choose particular areas of work based on their interests. They are also encouraged to specialize in more than one area of interest.

There will be a variety of methods used in working with clients. Practitioners may offer clients the choice of method or may adopt a particular approach they believe will assist clients to achieve their goals for counselling.

Practitioners will have training, skills and knowledge in the areas they have chosen to work, they will know their limitations and when to refer clients to another service. It is important practitioners know the boundaries of the services they offer and be clear about this with clients in the initial phonecall, so clients can make informed choices about attending.

Clients who use Perspectives can expect to experience a difference as a result of attending the sessions.

You can expect:

-A professional service for individuals, couples and groups
-A quiet, safe, private environment
-Qualified practitioners who are competent, compassionate and resourceful
-An opportunity to clarify issues, learn better coping strategies, make healthy decisions and take positive steps in order to create a meaningful and satisfying life

Contact Details:

Office Location and Mailing Address: 61 Teesdale Street, Burnside, CHRISTCHURCH 8053

Phone Number: 03 358 4447, Text: 027 448 3760


Perspectives Counselling

Perspectives Counselling
61 Teesdale Street, Burnside, CHRISTCHURCH 8053