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Perspectives Consultation Information-General

General Consultation Information

First Session

This will take two different forms, depending on the kind of counselling required.

The two options are:

  • Short–term counselling (1 – 5 sessions):
    At the first session the issues and hopes for attending counselling are identified. Any relevant background information is considered and how this may be impacting on the current situation. At the end of the session, there is an opportunity to give the counsellor feedback and consider whether to continue and if so when the next session is to be.
  • Longer term counselling (> 6 sessions):.
    In the first session more time will be spent establishing if there is a fit between what the client wants and what the counsellor can provide.

Clients are asked:

  1. about any previous experience of counselling
  2. if there has been a psychiatric diagnosis
  3. what kind of counselling they think would be most suitable for them.
  4. about their support system
  5. about the issues and hopes they have for attending counselling
  6. any relevant background information and how this is affecting the current situation.

There will be an opportunity for the cient to ask questions of the counsellor in order to make their decision about whether the counsellor is the most appropriate person for them at this time.

At the end of these discussions, the client may want to consider their decision and let the counsellor know by telephone. If the client and the counsellor agree to work together then some time is spent contracting more formally about the understandings and conditions of the service.

If either the client or the counsellor decides not to continue with the counselling, the counsellor may suggest some other services.

Contract Length

The length of contract is discussed as a way of determining how long the client thinks it will take to achieve what they want. It is not a binding arrangement and can be modified as required.

Reviewing Counselling Process

Regular reviews are an opportunity for both the counselor and the client to consider the work and any modifications that may be needed to ensure effectiveness.


If the client arrives late, the session will only last for the original time allocated.

If the client does not attend two consecutive sessions, with no notification of non attendance, the counsellor usually assumes that the client does not want to continue counselling, and will send the client an account for the missed session(s).

If the client has been attending counselling for a long period of time, it is important to allow time for ending the relationship.

Contact Details:

Office Location and Mailing Address: 61 Teesdale Street, Burnside, CHRISTCHURCH 8053

Phone Number: 03 358 4447, Text: 027 448 3760


Perspectives Counselling

Perspectives Counselling
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